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SINAES will receive international validation and increase accreditations in careers and higher education programs 

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San Jose Costa Rica. The Ibero-American Higher Education Quality Assurance System (SIACES) will deliver this week to the National Higher Education Accreditation System (SINAES) the international validation of good practices. 

SINAES becomes the first Central American certification agency to receive this validation, which ratifies excellence in its work as a national accreditation agency. 

The panel of international evaluators considered for the validation of SINAES good practices compliance with principles such as contribution to the definition of public policies, legality, independence, impartiality and autonomy; in addition to having adequate mechanisms to prevent conflicts of interest, compliance with ethics, integrity and professionalism.

The evaluation also measured the continuous improvement of human resources to perform their functions, periodic self-evaluation and external evaluation to respond to changes in higher education and improve effectiveness. Other requirements met: participation with other agencies in international networks for quality assurance; respect the autonomy, identity and integrity of higher education institutions and carry out external evaluation processes; in addition to making its policies publicly known.

This recognition will be delivered in Santiago de Chile to SINAES leaders and joins recognitions previously granted to the institution, such as the international validation of good practices from the International Quality Assurance Network of Higher Education Agencies (INQAAHE). Also, SINAES is an active member of the Ibero-American Network for the Accreditation of Quality in Higher Education (RIACES).


Excellence in higher education 

As part of its management, during this year, SINAES delivered 49 accreditation certificates to affiliated Higher Education Institutions. Additionally, as of December 5, the National Accreditation Council (CNA) issued a total of 48 positive accreditation decisions, of which 18 were for courses/programs accredited for the first time, and 30 for courses/programs reaccredited for the first time. second or third time.

“During these years we have seen the trust and value that higher education centers and students give to the work of SINAES, allowing the programs to have updated certification processes and the guarantee of quality and continuous improvement. At SINAES we seek for professionals and technicians in training to receive an education with excellence and multiple skills that enable them to face a highly changing and competitive professional world,” highlighted Dr. Ronald Álvarez González, President of the National Accreditation Council of SINAES.

As the official accreditation body in Costa Rica, SINAES certifies the quality of higher education courses for 36 affiliated institutions, of which five are public universities; 22 are private universities; three are international universities; two are institutions for public universities and four for private universities. It also has an international agreement with the University of San Carlos of Guatemala that allows careers to be evaluated for accreditation purposes.

There are currently 254 careers and/or programs accredited by SINAES which, when segregated by academic degree and locations, represent 2,449 accredited careers/programs.

With more than two decades of service and about to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2024, SINAES promotes excellence in public and private higher education organizations, with services that transcend borders. 

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