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The Rompopitos return

and the Christmas Cap

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Celebration seasons are an important period for families, who in 2021 in particular have overcome a challenging and complicated year. This is why Dos Pinos strives to please its consumers with new flavors for the festive season.


For this month the cooperative launches a special edition of Krunchy. It has a black and ice cream cone that combines the orange pineapple flavor with blackberry, coverage, vein and chocolate candy, delicious and ideal to celebrate this time of joy, surprises and fun.

Gallito relaunches and innovations.

For those who enjoy savoring an indulgence, this month a classic of the time also returns, the Rompopito, a reference for consumers who year after year await its arrival at points of sale with its traditional presentation of 18 units. Of course, you should look for it soon, since again it is a limited edition product.

And as if that were not enough, because consumers ask for it, the traditional Tapita Navideña classic flavor is now available on the market, one of the most iconic products for Costa Ricans.

Also, Gallito innovates its portfolio with the launch of soft candies such as Frutini Chicloso, ideal for children's parties and piñatas. Chicloso Frutini It will be available in a 150 gram presentation with cherry, blackberry, tangerine and lemon flavors.

“Gallito and Dos Pinos have positioned themselves as innovative brands, creating products designed for the season and on special dates where we celebrate with our families. This 2021 is no exception, so we strive to continue offering excellent quality products with unique flavors,” said Luis Mastroeni, Director of Corporate Relations and Sustainability at Dos Pinos.

In this way, Gallito and Dos Pinos continue to position themselves before the consumer as innovative options with great quality and flavor.

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