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Organizing finances is essential for SMEs to overcome the challenge of the prolonged pandemic by Ómicron


January 2022, Organizing finances is essential for SMEs to overcome the challenge of the prolonged pandemic by Ómicron. Mutual Group offers Business Credit program  with interest rates from 10.7% and terms of up to 30 years.


The arrival of the fourth pandemic wave, caused by Ómicron, generates uncertainty in companies, mainly in SMEs because the recovery becomes slower and liquidity becomes key to continue operating in the market.


Thinking about the challenges of this beginning of the year, Grupo Mutual makes available to the business sector the possibility of organizing their finances, generating greater liquidity through the injection of uncommitted capital.


With Business Credit, if companies or business people have real collateral, they can unify debts, regardless of the year they were generated with a longer term and attractive rates of 10.7%. The reality of many companies is that they manage working capital lines of credit for very short terms, at high interest rates with different financial institutions.


The entity seeks to boost the economy and, at the same time, offer small and medium-sized companies lines of credit for working capital with terms of up to 30 years, which allows them to continue operating normally, with greater flexibility and better cash flow.


“It is important that each SME maintains adequate control of its expenses and is clear about its business plan and market niche. Additionally, you must identify the financial obligations that  They imply higher financial costs and look for alternatives to unify them and lower costs. It is important to have leverage options that are low cost and fit your needs, and to keep in mind that as a result of poor financial advice you can fall into options that are not convenient for your finances,” said Emilio Hernández, Executive of Mutual Group SMEs.


In order for SMEs to get ahead in this historic situation caused by the pandemic, Grupo Mutual, through Business Credit, offers revolutionary lines so that they can pay on the disbursement they consume, according to the needs of their company, such is the case of payment to suppliers, equipment renewal, sub-lease contracts, among others.

 “Our Business Credit was born as part of the drive that we carry out at Grupo Mutual in the revitalization of the economy, being a fundamental pillar in the economic reactivation for the sectors most affected by the current crisis. Furthermore, at Grupo Mutual we offer added value and we are characterized by providing personalized and constant support from our specialists in the field, and we also stand out for offering extremely competitive and expeditious conditions within the financial market,” said Hernández.


  • 10.7% interest rate

  • Term of up to 30 years

  • Mortgage Guarantee minimum amount from ¢1,000,000 to ¢205,679,000 with a fee per million from ¢9,297 colones

  • Constant support

  • Trust Guarantee from 500,000 to 10,000,000 with a fee per million from ¢15,526 colones

Business loans have been offered since the previous year in the 48 branches throughout the country. You can obtain information by calling or writing to WhatsApp 2437-1000.

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