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Nosara inaugurates the third electric route in Costa Rica

  • These are charging points in businesses such as restaurants, hotels and hardware stores.

  • Nosara is added as a third electric route to those already existing in Monteverde and La Fortuna.

  • A project promoted by ASOMOVE, the Nosara Civic Association, Rutas Eléctricas, CORCLIMA and CRUSA Foundation.


All people who have electric vehicles in Costa Rica will be able to visit the beautiful community of Nosara without any worry, since the area now has a network of 16 charging stations that constitutes the Nosara Electric Route. 


This is the third electric route in Costa Rica, since the first was in Monteverde and the second in La Fortuna. The project is led by the national Electric Routes Costa Rica program, the Nosara Civic Association (NCA), the Electric Mobility Association (ASOMOVE),, the Commission for Resilience towards Climate Change (CORCLIMA), and Fundación CRUSA.


The community of Nosara will inaugurate its electric route this Monday, January 31, at the Celajes restaurant, one of the fourteen charging points enabled for users of zero-emission mobility. The inauguration event will feature the participation of the Vice Minister of Energy, Rolando Castro, the mayor of Nicoya, Carlos Armando Martínez, as well as representatives of ASOMOVE, the NCA and the Rutas Eléctricas program.


What is the route? Nosara will have 16 charging points; However, the expectation is that more and more businesses will get involved with the project. All the stations in this community have a 240v semi-fast charger, the points are located in the following businesses:


  • Celajes Restaurant

  • The Gilded Iguana (Hotel)

  • The Harmony Hotel

  • Il Basilico (Restaurant)

  • Nosara Construction Materials Hardware Store

  • Nosara Construction Materials Hardware Store (Local in Sámara)

  • Surfing Nosara Real Estate

  • Blue Spirit Hotel

  • Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 

  • Wanderlust Realty

  • Hotel Tierra Magnifica

  • Outpost

  • Dan Limo Car Rental

  • Blue Garza convenience store

  • Hotel Olas Verdes

About Costa Rica Electrical Routes.  The goal of the program is to install charging points along access routes to and in communities. This is a support network that allows travelers with electric vehicles to reach a community, where companies and organizations offer 240V connection or semi-rapid chargers (L2). In this way, people can travel without the so-called range anxiety, without contaminating the environment, and charging with purpose. You can obtain more information by entering



“MINAE congratulates and thanks ASOMOVE, the Nosara Civic Association, Rutas Eléctricas and CRUSA for the inauguration of this electric route, this is a very important milestone not only to promote electric mobility and the decarbonization of the economy, but also for make Costa Rica an increasingly sustainable tourist destination.  We hope that more communities and tourism sectors in the country will join electric mobility,” said Rolando Castro, Vice Minister of Energy at MINAE.


“Nosara joins Monteverde and La Fortuna, constituting the third electric route in the country, routes that are complementary to the national fast charging route that we already have throughout the national territory.  “We continue to work as a team with all sectors and in this case with the private sector and merchants in the areas to promote the use of electric vehicles and get closer to zero-emission transportation,” said Silvia Rojas, executive director of the Costa Rican Association of Electric Mobility (ASOMOVE).


“We congratulate the Nosara community for its commitment to decarbonizing transportation and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. Today, the third electric route in the country is inaugurated, and we hope that more communities see the benefits that electric mobility brings: less noise, less smoke, and a differentiating element that will undoubtedly attract more visitors. From Rutas Eléctricas Costa Rica, we are committed to continuing to work with community leaders and the private sector to continue scaling the model at the national and regional level,” commented María José Ventura, coordinator of Rutas Eléctricas Costa Rica.


“At the Nosara Civic Association we dream of building a model community that values the well-being of all living beings; and without a doubt, to achieve that model we must take actions that minimize the impact of the carbon footprint,” commented Luis Pardo, president of the Nosara Civic Association. 


“CORCLIMA congratulates Nosara for being a community friendly to electric mobility and its enthusiasm in installing good quality chargers for its visitors and neighbors with electric cars. We have faith that they will have the same experience that Monteverde has had: the constant arrival of visitors with electric cars and more neighbors who buy their own electric vehicles,” said Katy VanDusen, coordinator of CORCLIMA.


“CRUSA Foundation is an organization that articulates efforts and initiatives to promote sustainable development in the country.  Without a doubt, the decarbonization of the economy and the reduction of emissions are essential to continue advancing, with a firm step, towards our dreamed Costa Rica. Today we celebrate the work carried out together with Rutas Eléctricas Costa Rica, through the Rediscover Costa Rica Program, in order to scale this pilot project to different areas of the country. It is actions like these that mark a before and after in our history. We are COMMUNITY”, indicates Flora Montealegre, executive director of the CRUSA Foundation.

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