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Holcim presents ECOPact, the first concrete reduced in CO2 emissions in Costa Rica

  • Holcim Costa Rica is committed to solutions that reduce the time and cost of a project, as well as products that contribute to decarbonizing cities.

●      It proposes reducing the public and private infrastructure deficit with efficient, sustainable and durable prefabricated construction alternatives.

November, 2023. Today, when the global demand for construction materials is growing rapidly, due to the increase in world population and increased urbanization, the market requires a solution for sustainable construction, which not only meets government expectations and social; but also take care of the environment.

Holcim Costa Rica is committed to sustainable construction through an evolved portfolio of products to which is now added ECOPact green concrete, a cutting-edge development that arrives in the country to contribute to the transition towards circular and zero-carbon construction, make it more and more ecological.

Yesterday, Holcim presented to the construction market ECOPact, the first concrete with CO2 reduction in Costa Rica, as well as a new portfolio of prefabricated solutions, developed by its new subsidiary Holcim Modular Solutions in its plant located in San Rafael de Alajuela.

Holcim is the first cement company to have certified the carbon reduction of its cements by up to 45%, and today, it presents the first green concrete in the country, ECOPact, which has a reduction of up to 30% of CO2 compared to traditional concrete. .

Andrea Lara, CEO of Holcim Costa Rica, highlighted that the company is committed to solutions and products that contribute to decarbonizing cities. “Holcim is accelerating the transition to more sustainable construction materials, for environmentally friendly construction. In addition, we continue to help clients reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings,” he explained.

One of the most relevant raw materials in the production of concrete is cement, and in this Holcim has the competitive advantage of having cements with reduced CO2 footprints, which are also audited by third parties.  In this way, the formulation is optimized to reduce the carbon footprint generated in the production process.

With Ecopact, the green concrete range, a commitment to the planet is maintained by using products that have responsibly measured their footprint and seek ways to mitigate their environmental impact. 

“Holcim is about to celebrate 60 years of operating uninterruptedly in Costa Rica. This announcement is a sign of confidence in the country and a strong commitment to sustainable development, a pillar in our strategy to build cities that work for people and the planet,” added Eduardo Riboldi, Manager of the Concrete division of Holcim Costa. Delicious.

Holcim Modular Solutions: efficiency and lower environmental impact

The new subsidiary Holcim Modular Solutions (HMS) was born with the purchase of two divisions of the Concrete Products company: Concreprefa (light precast) and the PC division, heavy precast for civil engineering works.

Through Modular Solutions, Holcim proposes to the market to use more efficient and affordable prefabricated alternatives. Building a prefabricated home is one of the most economical options.  It is widely used in places outside the GAM, due to the ease of transporting materials in the same trip, but it is increasingly used in urban areas, due to the quality and speed with which a structure can be assembled.

According to Ernesto Villalobos, General Manager of Holcim Modular Solutions, “Modular construction becomes relevant in the current context as a proposal to close the infrastructure deficit, both in the public and private sectors. We propose comprehensive solutions, which at the same time have a lower environmental impact, generating less waste, better productivity and better socioeconomic performance. In addition, space is opening up in a market that demands increasingly high-tech products, under the Lean construction concept (reducing waste and increasing value).”

For Holcim, raising awareness is the first step towards greener construction, which is why it calls on industry players to feel part of this initiative, and makes its team of specialized advisors available to help understand the carbon footprint of concrete, and at the same time offer sustainable alternatives such as ECOPact in their constructions.


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