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Experts in accounting and finance will offer free talk for SMEs

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August 2023. If you are the owner of a micro, small or medium-sized business and require advice to better manage your business, organize your finances and have better results, a group of experts can help you for free.


Professionals from Grupo Camacho Internacional will offer a talk on September 7, on administration, finance and tax topics focused on small, medium and micro businesses.  Among the companies that participate, two will be selected and will be provided with free advice for 6 months.


The talk will take place at 10:00 a.m. and they must register in the following form:, this will last 1 hour and 30 minutes and can be participated virtually via Zoom.


“This is an initiative that we are developing at Grupo Camacho to support small businesses in the country. Many people develop small businesses and enterprises that, together, are important sources of income for thousands of families. 

The possibility of these businesses surviving, formalizing and being sustainable over time increases by having expert advice,” explained Carlos Morales, partner of Grupo Camacho Internacional.


According to INEC data, last year, 45,905 microenterprises disappeared, according to the National Household Microenterprise Survey (Enameh) 2022. In addition, the survey revealed that 80.5% of the existing microenterprises did not have accounting records. formal.


For the specialist, in every company it is essential to be rigorous with accounting reports, have basic knowledge of finances and also be in order with the legal aspects of a business. That is the only way for a business, no matter how small, to consolidate and not end in losses or headaches for its owners.




Free advice

In addition to the talk, you can apply for your business to receive free advice for six months. The application is open to all microentrepreneurs.


The requirements that companies interested in receiving free advice must meet are the following:


  • That the business has not been in the market for more than 3 years.

  • Micro or small businesses (They do not necessarily have to be registered as SMEs in the MEIC or the MAG).

  • They can be companies from any sector/industry.

  • They can work under a physical or legal ID.


The two selected companies will receive 6 months of support on business, financial, accounting, tax and marketing strategies.  They will have the advice of an interdisciplinary team made up of business administrators, collective communicators, certified public accountants, experts in foreign trade and law. The objective is to help them formalize and professionalize their business.


Both the talk on Thursday the 7th and the advice for the two selected businesses are part of the Pro-Bono Week initiative of HLB International, the top 10 consulting firm in the world of which Grupo Camacho Internacional is a part.


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