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Dos Pinos: 75 years of generating positive impacts in Costa Rica

  • The Cooperative continues to invest in the country: just for payment of milk, it annually injects 165 billion colones into the rural areas of the country 

  • In addition to reactivating the economy, it generates employment and hires SME suppliers in the seven provinces.

August.  On the day it celebrates its 75th anniversary of creation, the Dos Pinos Milk Producers Cooperative maintains its commitment to investing and improving the development of the communities where it operates. Just for purchasing milk from its almost 1,300 producer associates it pays ¢165 billion a year. It is an operation with strong support for the national producer, where 92% of the milk comes from small and medium-sized farms, located throughout the national territory.


“Producers are our reason for being and we are very clear about that. All our efforts in the industry are designed to continue honoring the dream of those 25 Associates who started this great organization,” said Gonzalo Chaves, Corporate General Manager.


The Dos Pinos Milk Producers Cooperative invested during the last year some ¢27,000 million in infrastructure, transportation and machinery to consolidate its operation in Costa Rica and compete at the highest level with national and foreign brands and companies.


Of this investment, ¢1,328 million correspond to innovation in new technologies, food safety, optimization of production costs and environmentally sustainable practices. Dos Pinos announced that it also allocated ¢800 million to support milk producer members, in times of great difficulty for national agricultural activity.


With these investments, Dos Pinos not only reaffirms its trust and commitment to Costa Rica, but also seeks productive competitiveness and its industrial operation, to adapt to technological changes and continue producing with the highest quality standards in its raw materials. packaging and final products.


“For Dos Pinos, the ¢27,000 million that are part of the annual investment plan mean reactivation of the national economy, job creation and an important impact on the rural area, outside the Greater Metropolitan Area,” highlighted Gonzalo Chaves, General Manager. Corporate.


The Cooperative has generated a significant economic and social footprint, especially in the rural areas where most of the 1,497 farms of the producer members are located. This is an activity that did not decrease during the pandemic, and rather, during the years 2020 and 2021, it maintained a strong commitment to job creation.


In total, today the cooperative generates jobs for more than 11 thousand people (4,500 employees in the country, more than a thousand in the region and around 6 thousand on the producers' farms), maintains a productive chain with 6,000 suppliers and supports about 70,000 families related to dairy farms. In this food industry, no member concentrates more than 1% of the social capital, and thanks to the dairy activity, 900 products are industrialized for human consumption and nearly 3,000 for animal consumption.


On the path to seeking new markets, Dos Pinos has been very clear that it had to diversify its product portfolio to be able to compete, in such a way that innovation and creativity have been the engines of its growth and expansion.


Chaves explained that another of the keys to success has been working with a long-term vision, and visualizing the type of company that needed to be consolidated to compete at the highest level and adapt to the demands of the current era. “In this way, we continue to be a cooperative company with a dairy heart, but entering various segments of the food market with a clear expansion in the international market. We carry out transnationalization through strategic alliances, direct investment or acquisitions; and with products of high added value.”


Research and the most advanced technology, together with a strategic balance of the primary sector (farms of producer partners) and industry (producing plants) have promoted the regionalization of Dos Pinos, today with plants in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua and the Republic Dominican and exporting to 11 countries, all of these markets where it competes with recognized world brands.




About Dos Pinos 

The Dos Pinos Milk Producers Cooperative, R.L is the largest producer and marketer of milk and its derivatives in Costa Rica for 75 years with a product offering that exceeds 900 varieties and currently exports to 11 countries.


With its services, it provides well-being and health to its consumers through a diversified, high-quality portfolio, promoting responsible practices and operational excellence.


According to the global Brand Footprint classification of the international firm Kantar World Panel, Dos Pinos is one of the 8 most chosen consumer brands in Central America, with a privileged place in the preferences of its consumers, in addition in Costa Rica it is the Most Responsible Company and with Best Reputation according to the Monitoring of the MERCO firm.

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