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AV warehouses eliminate the use of 200,000 plastic bags



The 18 AV Warehouses throughout the country began a plan to reduce their carbon footprint and encourage the agricultural sector's support for the planet. In this way, consumers' purchases will no longer be delivered in plastic bags, but rather they will be encouraged to carry their own reusable bags.


This plan eliminates the use of 200,000 bags per year in warehouses and considerably reduces the carbon footprint of warehouses on the environment.

Plastic bags consume large amounts of energy to manufacture, they are composed of substances derived from petroleum, so, after being discarded, they can take up to 400 years to decompose.


“One of the work pillars of our Sustainability Strategy is to manage our environmental impact, so the elimination of bags in our businesses is one of those actions where we link with customers and producer partners, to carry it out together as an effort. in common” said Luis Mastroeni, Director of Corporate Relations and Sustainability of Dos Pinos.


Dos Pinos has an active commitment to the environment and develops actions to manageits impacts and resources. Among these actions for the period 2020-2024, a projected reduction of 40% of its carbon footprint stands out, the increase in the recovery of post-consumer packaging for its recovery and the transformation of packaging towards new, friendlier technologies.


With the implementation of this strategy, the warehouses adhere to compliance with Law 9786, which urges businesses to combat plastic pollution and protect the environment, as a sign of good will on the part of the agricultural sector towards the country.


AV Warehouses invite their customers to collaborate with this effort by transporting their packaging, cloth bags, nets, baskets, boxes or other containers that can be reused in the transportation of their purchases.

Ages between 31 and 45 years old, represent 34% of savers in Grupo Mutual


Reduction in transportation and food costs during the pandemic would have favored this behavior.


Plastic bags take half a century to degrade

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